It a all started in a dilapidated warehouse in the ghetto of Oakland California.  A small group of friends gathered together just to have fun.  What started as a good time quickly spiraled into an award winning theatrical production that plays to sold out crowds up and down the west coast.  Hoodslam takes the traditions of professional wrestling  and turns them inside out.  They are often shunned upon by wrestling purist and fans alike for there adults only approach to shows in a family friendly world. Things such as the flagrant use of drugs and alcohol both before, during and after events.  Strong use of language and inappropriate themed wrestling characters and content are always present.   But through the haze of weed smoke and the stench of vomit emerges some of the most talented  entertaining and lovable group of individuals ever assembled. Not only have they been mentioned on NBC news and Larry King live they are now the focus of a feature length documentary  entitled "HOODSLAM, THE ACCIDENTAL PHENOMENON.  The documentary follows their rise from their meager beginnings into becoming one of the most controversial and successful pro wresting company's in the country. Love them or hate them you can't ignore it.  This is HOODSLAM this is REAL!