I started SLAMFAN back in 2010 to help showcase the west coast indie wrestling scene. I always wanted to find a unique story to tell and did I ever find one.  I was flipping the channels one day and  came across wrestling.  I was a huge wrestling fan as a kid so I began to watch.  I soon got board, it just didn't have the same hold on me as it did when I was a kid however I still couldn't let it go.  I came across a documentary done by English journalist and broadcaster Louis Theroux about indie wrestling.  I always knew about indie wrestling but I just never payed it that much attention.  I was instantly hooked but I thought the documentary only scratched the surface of a much bigger world.  Having grown up in Northern California I felt it was a logical place to start.  Four years in and I am still fascinated with the pageantry and brotherhood of the wrestlers that populate this world and the passion of the fans that support it.  I hope I have done it justice. - Dan Nelson